EUR – NZD In and Out – Same day T1

Its nice when this type of trade happens. Today one of my demand levels kicked in  on the EUR/NZD pair, and hit target 1 by 09:30am. Score of 104pips on a 2:1 risk to reward ration.   Leaving second position to run.

Forex pair EUR/NZD

After identifying a strong level in an uptrend as well as within a daily and the beginning of a weekly zone this was a trade where all the odds stacked up and it worked a treat. Continuing a strong week, I have now decided to publish and journal my trades to my blog.
With The Australian dollar having a cut its likely the NZD will follow at some point they have a strong correlation. so a continuation of the uptrend was likely. That said all trades I take are based on the price action on the chart with little to no influence on fundamentals.

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