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Tesla model S
Tesla Model S

The Tesla electric cars are a great idea and I certainly hope it’s a success long term. The tesla is the only truly useable electric car.  I base this purely on the miles you get on a single battery charge. Anything under 100 miles is laughable to me.  The company , headed up by one of the truly innovative forward thinking visionaries of my time. You can’t help but want to get caught up in and be part of, Elon Musk, this visionary and his ideas.  Check out these impressive stats:

  • 0-60 mph is 2.8 sec
  • 300 miles per charge
  • using the new supercharger 170 miles  for 30 minutes charge.Tesla Model S
  • Zero emissions.

However, now is not the time to buy the stock. The company has struggled to ever make a profit, still unable to fully execute on the deliveries. Making a revised production of cars down from initial predictions.  Last I heard the company believes they can make up the numbers with the new model X. Which is also already considerably late to market, in a time when China, one of the target markets, is looking like slowing down. With a forward PE over 90 against an average s&p of 19 again means the financials do not add up currently.  Invest for the longer term maybe,  personally I would wait and pick it up at a lower price.

This all makes, what is undoubtedly an impressive car,  an opportunity to  sell on the current stock price of around 240 after losing ground on a day that had strength means this is now an entry point for the near term gain down to the 200 price per share.

Maybe next year will be the time for Tesla and the model X. I certainly Tesla model Xhope to see more cars on the road and who knows if  it goes our way enough times we could add to their sales totals and really be a part of the Tesla electric car revolution.

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